Anto Dominic
Ruby on Rails Developer - DevOps Specialist - AWS Solution Architect


About Me

I consider myself as a Full-Stack developer. I completed my Btech in Electronics and communication Engineering in 2014. My main Area of work includes Web Development, Mobile App Development & also an Electronics/Robotics/Avionics Hobbyist. I loves to travel and learn new stuffs. I am available on facebook 24/7.

In my past 4 years of Btech studies I have worked as SEO and webpage optimiser for 2 years, Web designer/Developer for over 2 years and a Tech blogger for 4+ years. I loves to try out new programming languages and am a very fast learner. Now I like to create cool ios game apps with my friends and recently learning ruby on rails on my past time.


Linux / Mac OS X

Long time Experience with Linux and currently I use Mac for all my projects

Git on Github/Bitbucket

I use git to keep track of code version management

Ruby on Rails

Though being a new ruby on rails developer, I know how to get things done

iOS App Development

I have experience with Objective C, Swift, Phonegap & Cocos2d

Postgresql, Mysql, Sqlite

I have used Postgresql & Mysql in many web based projects


I have experience with EC2, RDS, Route 53, and S3

Stripe & Paypal

I had used stripe and paypal in a ruby on rails test project


I have long time experience in using HTML5, CSS & JS

Adobe PS & AE

I have experience in using PS and AE in many projects

BeagleBone Black, PIC, 8051

Being an Electronics Engineer I am quite an Hardware hacker

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